ANDREA GRILLS ~ Owner & Pack Leader

Andrea has many years of experience in various aspects of the pet industry from working in pet supply stores, to studying veterinary office assistant to working at various dog daycares. There is no doubt she loves animals but is of course particular to dogs. Her love for dogs goes as far back as childhood, having a love for dogs as a child; Andrea made special connections to neighborhood pets and those of her own.

Finally in 2006, Andrea decided she wanted to have her very own dog to love and care for as her own, and after some research on breeds and knowing she wanted a mixed breed, she thought a mix of Boston Terrier and Miniature Pinscher was the perfect dog for her, and if you know her and her dogs, this is true. In March 2006, Hana came into her world and changed everything! The two were bonded instantly, and six months later, Lexi was adopted. It was obvious from the beginning that Andrea wasn't meant to have just one dog in her life, she was born to have many in her life, some she owns and some she just loves and cares for.

Andrea truly cares, maybe too much about how she does her job, and there is no doubt that Andrea is in this business for all the right reasons, for the love of dogs. Andrea has a drive to provide a safe and positive place for not only dogs to feel comfortable but for the owner's peace of mind as well. She is taking this business venture very seriously and is working harder than she ever has to make this dream happen.


Picture copyright © Aziz Dhamani